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Repair of rotating electrical machines

Aurator is a company based in Gliwice, Poland, specializing in the repair of small and medium power rotating electrical machines; motors; current alternators; and auxiliary machinery.

Our specialized area of ​​expertise, together with our focus on our selected market segment, makes us a market leader in the repair of rotating electrical machines operated on European railways.

We have a qualified and professional staff, as well as the necessary production, design and construction facilities to guarantee the quality and stability of the services provided with regard to the repairs of rotating electrical machines of electric and diesel traction units. operated in Europe.

We repair and manufacture spare parts in accordance with internal quality assurance procedures. This allows us to guarantee the high quality and reliability of the services we provide.

We regularly increase our clientele among the market leaders. They trust us to do our job in the best possible way.

Electrical machinery repairs

We repair the following machines:

  • DC and AC motors: EE541, LKa740, ED118, ED107, LK635, LK450, LS430, AD4346, TE006, TMF50-29-4
  • Main alternators: LSPa930, LSPa740, GP312, GP300
  • Auxiliary machines: LKPa368 / 220, LKPm368, MG91H, LKPa353 / 282, PCSOB84b, LSPa280, LSWa220; AY-26,
  • DVY2820, PBSVKb-64A, A3432, 2A3432, LKPm354
  • Other electrical machines

Pantograph repair

We offer pantograph repair services including:

  • Major revisions and overhauls of AKP4 and 5ZL type current collectors
  • Inspections with all necessary measures
  • Repairs after accidents (reconstructions)

The high quality of our services, the qualification and the experience of our collaborators guarantee a fault-free operation of the current collectors over long periods.

We provide repair services for major overhauls and overhauls and individually provide repair services within the scope agreed with our customer. At each stage of the repair, the customer is able to inspect the repair process. The wide range of repairs offered allows customers to choose an individual machine repair program. We carry out repairs primarily using our own parts and components. The whole process is carried out under insulation of class H or higher as required.

Spare parts for electrical machines

We produce top quality spare parts for all repaired machines, such as:

  • Stator and rotor winding coils
  • Switches
  • Rotor shafts
  • All rolling and maze elements

All spare parts for traction units are manufactured by our employees and using our facilities and machines, on the basis of our own technical documentation.

We can also produce spare parts on the basis of documentation provided by customers or, in case of absence, repairs and production of spare parts in our company are in accordance with our quality assurance system which allows us to guarantee the high quality and reliability of our services.

Quick access to a quality engine

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, Aurator has its own engine warehouse. This idea was born from the needs of our entrepreneurs. Depending on the extent of the repair of the traction unit, the repair time is 7-28 working days. If the customer needs an engine on site, Aurator sells engines from its own resources which allows it to reduce the waiting time to 3 working days. This is a key benefit in many cases, as quick access to a quality engine saves the customer on other additional costs such as locomotive downtime.

Our engine warehouse sets us apart from our competitors because Aurator offers a wide range of electric machines such as: EE541, LK635, LS430, ED118, MG91H, AD4346, LKP353 / 282.

Storage for rolling stock machinery

Aurator sp. z oo also operates a warehouse with engines supplied by the customer. This is another key benefit for customers. This service consists of the storage of rolling stock machines in our warehouse for all contractors who do not have their own storage space. Within the framework of maintaining the so-called circulating reserve, Aurator Sp. Z oo provides storage for the machine.

About Aurator Sp. Zoo

Aurator Sp. Z oo is a company specialized in the repair of rotating electrical machines, mainly in the railway industry.

Aurator is made up of a team of professionals who guarantee that repairs will be carried out quickly while ensuring a high level of service.

We are convinced that through the consistent implementation of our quality policy, in accordance with the requirements and needs of stakeholders, and by using and improving the quality management system, we are able to meet the ever increasing expectations of our customers. We believe that skills and knowledge, the high quality of our services, our reliability and excellent customer service are at the heart of our success and a prerequisite for the continued development of our business.

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