Everything about the history and evolution of slot machines

Slot machines are one of the most popular games of chance. They are fairly straightforward to use and there is a chance of winning some decent payouts if you keep playing. Slot machines are available in almost any casino or gaming establishment around the world.

Slot machines have been around for a long time, and in a way, you can learn more about the history of the game by learning about the machines and how they have evolved over time. Here we will try to explain this story a bit.

At the beginning of the year

The history of slot machines begins at the end of the 19e century. The first machines were produced in 1891 by a New York-based company. The game consisted of 5 drums and 50 playing cards. It cost a penny to use the machine, and it was first commissioned by bars across town.

A payout was made when the royal flush was lined up on the drums. Two cards were removed from the 52-card deck in order to increase the odds in favor of the house. There was no mechanism to make a payment and those who won were paid at the bar.

Charles Auguste Fey

Charles Augustus Fey is often said to be the inventor of slot machines. There is some truth to this, even though some form of the machine once existed. The difference between the Fey machine and those that came before it is that the Fey machine gives automatic payments.

He has 3 rows instead of the 5 he had before. It featured five symbols on the reel: hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and a freedom bell. The payout was rewarded when you got the same symbol on all 3 reels.

Fruit machines

In 1902, machines were banned and the symbols that were once used were replaced by fruit. Payments were not made in cash but in fruit candies. These machines generally find their place in shops, lounges and bowling alleys.

Gone are the days when slot machines were banned, but these symbols are sometimes still used on modern machines. That and their shape is the only thing that connects the two. The old machines were completely mechanical, while the ones we use today have no moving parts and are computer controlled.

Electric machine

Electric slot machines were introduced in 1964. The game was still operated by a lever to give it an authentic look and feel, but it did not contain any moving and mechanical parts. It made an automatic payment of around 500 coins which were exchanged for cash at casinos and other gambling establishments.

The game was quite popular and so a new wave of interest in slots arose in the 1970s due to its innovative nature. Soon after, new slot machines came out and they didn’t have a lever but a button. In this way, the only connection to the original mechanical machines was cut.

Video slots

Video slots were introduced in 1976. They were made by the Las Vegas-based company and this presented the next major revolution in the way slot machines are played. It used a modified Sony TV as its screen and it was first available at Hilton hotels, in Las Vegas only.

Shortly after the Nevada Gambling Commission approved the new improved version of the game and once it was made anti-cheat, it became available in almost every hotel in Vegas. The game became extremely popular again and the company that produced it, Fortune Coin, was purchased by IGT.

1996 and beyond

The next big change in the world of slots came in 1996. That’s when WMS Industries, INC created “Reel ‘Em”. It was the first machine to offer a second screen bonus round. When the round is triggered, a whole new screen appears in front of the player and this is where the bonus rounds are played.

It was then that casinos began to take an interest in slot machines again and this new version was installed in almost every casino in the world. At this point, 70 percent of all casino revenue came from slot machines.

Online slots

It is safe to say that another chapter in slot machine history emerged when the game went live. The game mechanics are the same as before, but the operation of the drums is now completely different. There is a random number generator involved, which means there are no models determining the outcome.

Online slots are especially popular with younger gamers who are used to playing on their computer or phone. It is becoming more and more important and it means that online slots are already one of the biggest parts of the market.

The future

The future of slots is definitely online and with the international gaming community. This is also the case with most other games of chance. It is also mobile since this is how most gambling will be carried out soon. At the same time, the payment methods of the future will also evolve. More and more casinos are accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

Many believe that casinos will also use modern technology to ensure that their online gambling establishments mimic the appearance of a real casino. It will also become a trend with slot machine games and technology will make it possible.

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