Himachal: Machines gone, no fire safety at Rampur civilian hospital: the Tribune India

Subhash Rajta

Tribune press service

Shimla, December 16

Rampur Civil Hospital appears to be in complete disarray. Not only are essential equipment such as X-rays and CT scanners broken, preparations for the hospital’s firefighting are also almost non-existent.

“No action has been taken for fire safety and the nodal officer has no idea of ​​aspects of fire safety,” Kiran Bhadana, ADC, Shimla, observed in the fire audit report. Bhadana is the chairman of the fire audit committee.

According to the report, flammable oxygen cylinders were kept on hospital premises without proper arrangements and there is no periodic inspection of electrical installations by qualified engineers. In addition, there is no automatic or manual fire detection alarm and no evacuation plan in the event of an emergency.

People who suffer

The x-ray machine has been out of order for more than six months, the scanner is also non-functional. People are suffering because of the hospital’s laxity. —Trilok Bhaluni, member of A zila parishad

“It is the only hospital among all the Covid-designated medical facilities in the district that is lacking a lot on the fire safety front,” Bhadana said during Shimla Zila Parishad’s meeting today. The hospital’s x-ray machine has been out of use for several months now. “The x-ray machine has been out of order for over six months now; the scanner is also non-functional. People are suffering because of the laxity of the hospital, ”said Trilok Bhaluni, member of Zila Parishad from Rampur.

The hospital does not lack financial means. The medical superintendent informed the Zila Parishad that Rogi Kalyan Samiti from the hospital had about Rs 10 lakh. “Despite the money, you couldn’t fix the x-ray machine. It’s a really sad situation,” Bhadana said. The MOH assured the parish that the x-ray machine would become operational before December 31.

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