NBE – Electrical Machines and Devices GmbH offers a wide range of services and products in the electrical machinery industry



NBE – Electrical Machines and Devices GmbH was founded in 1935 under the name of Elektromaschinenbau Carl Hopisch KG and nationalized under the name of VEB Ankerwickelei Halle in 1972. The company was re-privatized on June 1, 1990 with the current name of the enterprise and has grown into a powerful electrical engineering enterprise. They offer electrical machinery products and services all over Europe.

It is one of the largest suppliers of electric motors, devices and accessories to businesses and individuals in Europe. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, they have built a complete network for the sale and repair of electric motors.

NBE takes care of the maintenance and upkeep of electric machines and motors. They also supply many customers and businesses with electric motors, generators and generators. Their range of services ranges from the manufacture of various components for the construction of electric machines and the maintenance and repair of electric motors and generators to the trade of electric motors, generators, frequency converters, pumps and power tools.

Their highly trained staff have decades of experience, flexibility and the most modern systems to meet customer needs at all times.

Many industrial and public transport companies in many cities in Germany already rely on the high quality standard provided by NBE. Whether it’s fast delivery of storage stable motors, generators, maintenance, repairs and other services, they guarantee a delivery time of up to 24 hours for standard stock stable motors.

Customers can always count on their excellent service for repairs and maintenance. These services have characterized their performance profile since its inception in 1935. Since then, electrical machines have been their core business, which includes the repair and rewinding of generator sets, three-phase and DC motors, as well as assembly. and the commissioning of complex drive systems on site at the customer’s premises.

In summary, it can be said that as a full service partner, NBE not only provides advice for solution oriented results, but can also take over all maintenance and repair of machines.

website – https://www.nbe-online.de/motorschutzschalter/

Posted on July 23, 2021


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