NJ Transit completes installation of new ATMs



TRENTON – NJ Transit said it has completed the installation of 558 new ATMs that include a contactless payment option.

“These new user-friendly TVMs – now installed system-wide – are just one aspect of a complete modernization of NJ Transit’s entire fare collection system, including new portable mobile devices for teams. train ticket, new onboard bus validators and many new mobile ticketing options, â€said Kevin Corbett, President and CEO of NJ Transit.

The larger “fare modernization program†also includes new ticket validators on board buses, portable validators for train crews and a future new NJ Transit fare card.

“All of these methods include ‘contactless’ rate payment options, which have proven to be particularly welcome and popular with customers returning to our system when the pandemic is exiting,” Corbett said.

NJT said the new cash dispensers also offer faster transaction times, but highlighted the ability to purchase tickets using contactless cards or mobile wallet apps, allowing people to stop shopping. insert credit or debit cards into ATMs.

The machines are also equipped with faster printers and a hanging display providing passengers with information about the arrival and departure of trains at their stations.

Michael Symons is the State House bureau chief for New Jersey 101.5. Contact him at [email protected].

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