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Nebulizer Buying Guide

Medical nebulizer for the treatment of bronchitis.

Why buy a nebulizer?

Nebulizers, also known simply as nebulizers, are small devices that somewhat resemble ventilators and other home oxygen systems. But instead of purifying the air you breathe or moving air in and out of your lungs, nebulizers convert liquid medications into vapor or mist. You are then able to inhale the medicine directly into your lungs rather than drinking it, which means the medicine can travel immediately to the area it needs to target. They also relax your respiratory muscles for easier inhalation.

What should you look for in a nebulizer?

  • Type: There are three main types of nebulizers: jet, ultrasonic, and mesh nebulizers. Jet nebulizers are by far the most common type of nebulizer. They use a compressor to turn the medicine into a mist so it can be inhaled. Ultrasonic nebulizers work the same way, except they use high frequency vibrations. Mesh nebulizers are a much newer invention that uses a mesh cap to deliver medication. Ultrasonic nebulizers are only really found and used in hospitals, so you probably won’t be able to buy your own for personal use. Between a jet and mesh nebulizer, mesh models are generally more portable and considered more efficient because they can deliver higher doses of medication at once. However, they are still under investigation due to their new invention, so you may want to stick with a regular jet nebulizer to be on the safe side.
  • Portability: You will need to determine where you will use your nebulizer and how often you will need to use it. If your doctor tells you you’ll only have to use it once or twice a day, a sturdier model that you can set up and use in the privacy of your own home should be just fine. If you travel a lot, work long hours, or need to use your nebulizer more frequently throughout the day, a smaller, lighter model will likely be the optimal choice. Also keep in mind that home models tend to be more intensive and require an electrical outlet to plug in, while more portable models will mostly run on battery power. Some nebulizers even come with their own travel bag and accessories so you can easily take them on the go.
  • User and disease: Depending on who uses the nebulizer and what condition(s) they have, their nebulizer needs vary. There are some models specifically designed for adults or children, although the vast majority are one size fits most, especially those made with a mouthpiece instead of a mask. Quieter models are often the best choice for young babies as well, to avoid startling or agitating them. Also be sure to consider particle size. Different nebulizers will create different sized particles or droplets that make up the inhaled mist, and their size will affect where they settle in the airways. Larger particles deposit better in the upper respiratory system, so they are more effective in treating upper respiratory infections and conditions like chronic sinusitis. Smaller particles have an easier time traveling to the lower airways (including the lungs), so nebulizers that create a finer mist are the best choice for conditions like asthma, COPD and bronchitis.

Can nebulizers work with most medications?

Not all types of medication can be made into a mist and inhaled through a nebulizer; some steroids, for example, must be consumed via an inhaler. But for the medications they are compatible with, a nebulizer can be a gentler, more effective, and overall more comfortable way to take medication, especially if your throat is so sore and inflamed that swallowing is painful and difficult.

Our picks for the best nebulizer machines

Best choice

Advantages: This is a home tabletop jet nebulizer that is more compact than most so it won’t take up extra storage space when not in use. Yet despite its small size, this nebulizer is deceptively powerful and thus offers a faster atomization rate; it should take less time to convert your liquid medicine to an aerosol, saving you a few extra minutes on the time you spend using it. With the medicine compartment cap, you can adjust the size of the particles your medicine is converted into so that it can more easily reach and settle in the part of the respiratory system you need. Best of all, this nebulizer comes with a mouthpiece, child mask, and adult mask, so you can switch between the three inhalation types at any time to best suit who needs to use it.

The inconvenients: As great as the nebulizer is, it’s definitely a more expensive model. It also requires an electrical outlet to operate, so it’s not a particularly portable or travel-friendly nebulizer.

Conclusion : It is a classic jet nebulizer, suitable for use with saline solution as a preventive measure in addition to liquid medications. Since the mouthpiece and masks are interchangeable to suit whoever uses them at any given time, this model will work for the whole family without the need to purchase additional parts.

pocket size

Advantages: If you’re looking for a small nebulizer that you can slip into your purse or pocket to take almost anywhere, this small mesh nebulizer is a great option. Especially since, unlike many portable models, you don’t have to rely solely on batteries to power it; you have the option of plugging it into a wall outlet via USB (not included) or with two AA batteries. The on/off switch will also let you know via lights whenever the battery or water level is low. The corner of the medicine compartment is designed to leave less residue and is incredibly easy to clean. Not only is the medicine cup removable for more thorough cleaning, but there is an option of an automatic cleaning mode if the nebulizer becomes blocked or clogged and stops working.

The inconvenients: A smaller device means a smaller medicine compartment, and this one is smaller, even by the standards of portable nebulizers, with a maximum capacity of just 8 milliliters. The mask also doesn’t have straps, so you’ll need to hold the machine against your face throughout use.

Conclusion : If you work long hours or need to take more than one or two doses of medication per day, a portable nebulizer will be a better choice for your lifestyle than a home nebulizer. Even if you don’t, you can still benefit from this small, portable model as it allows you to take your medications on the go whenever you’re away from home.

Ideal for travel

Advantages: Easy to turn on and use, this particular nebulizer was designed for packing and travel. Although it’s not a portable model, it’s still quite compact and comes with a free carry bag that can hold not only the nebulizer itself, but all of its other gear as well. Along with all the basic equipment you need to operate this nebulizer, it includes a child-sized mouthpiece and mask as well as the adult-sized one. 20 replacement filters are also included with your purchase, giving you better value for money. Since this model is quite quiet, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your fellow travelers while using it in a hotel room or at the airport.

The inconvenients: You won’t actually be able to use this nebulizer in transit, as it needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work. The medicine cup and hose are also not very strong or sturdy.

Conclusion : Traveling when you have to take regular medications can be very painful. Luckily, this nebulizer was designed specifically for travelers, so it’s easy and convenient to pack and take.

The best value for money

REEMEX Handheld Atomizer Nebulizer

While portable nebulizers tend to be a little more expensive than their home tabletop cousins, this portable model comes at a price well below average.

Advantages: This nebulizer machine has all the convenience of a portable, portable nebulizer without the higher price tag that usually comes with said convenience; its price is lower than the average cost of a nebulizer. The affordable price is also not the only factor of this model. It not only comes with masks for adults and children to make it suitable for all ages, but there are even two modes: a softer one for children and a stronger one for adults. This nebulizer also automatically shuts off to save battery power once the mist inside has been fully inhaled and has an auto-cleaning feature to prevent it from clogging.

The inconvenients: None of the masks that come with this nebulizer have straps, so you’ll need to hold it securely in place throughout use. You may also find that this model has a shorter lifespan than some other portable nebulizers.

Conclusion : Medical supplies can be expensive, with nebulizers included. This can make it difficult to find a good mobile nebulizer when you have a limited budget to work with. Fortunately, this model offers a solution; it is high in portability but low in price.

Also great

Advantages: Some nebulizers only create particles of one size, large or small, but not this home tabletop model. You can easily set the atomization rate to low, medium, or high, allowing you to ensure that the medicine mist particles are the right size to hit the part of the respiratory system you need to target. Plus, this nebulizer comes with a mouthpiece as well as child and adult masks with secure straps, plus an extra adult-size mask (without straps) if you lose or damage yours. Additional filters are also included with your purchase, and the extra-long tubing allows you greater flexibility for nebulizer placement when in use.

The inconvenients: Because it’s a home nebulizer, it requires an electrical outlet to use, and it’s not particularly portable or travel-friendly.

Conclusion : Many people prefer to use a nebulizer in the privacy of their home rather than on the go when possible. If you prefer a tabletop nebulizer at home to a portable nebulizer, consider trying this model.

Final Thoughts

Although not suitable for everyone or for all respiratory conditions, a nebulizer can be a tremendous asset in treating certain lung conditions or in ensuring that someone in your care receives their medication in the most efficient way. painless and as effective as possible.

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