“The machines work well and are adjustable in terms of speed”

“Adjustable speed and flexibility are the main features of Squalo (“shark” in Italian), one of the most efficient horizontal electronic flow wrappers in the Italian GNA range”, said Andrea Antonelli, owner of Antonelli Fabio, an Emilia-Romagna-based company that grows, packs and markets fruit and vegetables.

“In 2006 we bought our first packing machine. In 2008 and 2010 we added two more. We use them to pack fruit, mainly stone fruit, in flowpacks ranging from 250 to 1000 grams “The machines work well and, very important to us, the speed is adjustable. On average, we can do 90 to 100 cycles per minute.”

“Despite the fact that these are models made by GNA before 2015, the company continues to help us when problems arise. For example, if a part is not available, GNA will proceed to manufacture it in a short time. we were among the first in Emilia-Romagna to trust the company and so far we can only express our satisfaction.For a mixed use of packaging, such as the one we have, the recovery is quite short. The Squalo is highly recommended. Often the formats of our packaging on the machine even change three times a day.”

“The Squalo is suitable for different areas of application, including fruit and vegetables, but also convenience products. The machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum, with rounded corners to prevent product accumulation and facilitate cleaning. It has a maximum speed of 150 cycles/min, an electrical consumption of 3 KW and a compressed air consumption of 15 Nl/min”, add the officials of GNA.

“It is a modular and adaptable machine. The experience of many years of working in direct contact with customers has taught us how essential it is to be able to respond quickly to customer requests.”

“The Squalo has a two-part structure, allowing the mechanical-electrical part to be separated from the working area, with cantilevered units. Currently, our packaging machine is used in Italy, France, Germany, Russia and Norway, among other countries.”

The packing material is placed on top of the machine. The two brushless motors and the multifunctional touch screen guide the operator through the most important operations, namely the preparation and storage of data before starting the Squalo.

“The packaging materials used are films or micro- or macro-perforated paper materials with a plastic film, cellulose or PLA window or a cotton or linen net. Thus, we try to meet the different customer needs.”

“It is a fully automatic machine, with high performance. Thanks to its versatility, flexibility and reliability, it can wrap any type of solid product, both food and non-food. In the AGF sector, Squalo is suitable for packaging various fruits, such as kiwi fruit, grapes, strawberries, and peaches, and vegetables such as tomatoes and sprouts.”

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