Tonello’s New Washing Machines Save Energy – Sourcing Journal

“Tonello machines don’t age, they evolve,” the company said.

The new generation of industrial washing machines certainly builds on the previous innovations of the Italian technology company. Evolution 3 washing machines allow “maximum optimization” of water use during each type of process and energy savings of up to 20% compared to previous models, Tonello said.

The machines are built with new motors which increase the overall efficiency of the machine. The new belts absorb less energy and promote greater durability and wear resistance than previous models. An updated transmission system provides greater energy savings than conventional systems and new inverters provide better motor control. The machine is also more compact for the laundry and dyeing factory floor.

The improvements help reduce overall operating costs and contribute to greater competitiveness in an increasingly unpredictable market, Tonello said.

The upgrades are applied to the full range of high, medium and low speed machines.

Designed for maximum performance, the company says that all machines in the Evolution 3 range are built with the best stainless steel on the market. AISI 316L, for example, is used in internal parts in contact with the bath and in all electrical cabinets, which results in increased resistance to corrosion and wear. Meanwhile, the welds of the basket are carried out by Tonello’s new anthropomorphic robot on an automated welding station. This ensures optimum quality, strength and durability.

The Evolution 3 range is designed to be flexible and upgradeable in the future. Additionally, users can install technologies and accessory kits including OBleach, Core, UP, NoStone, N2, Wake, and software such as Metro.

In 2020, Tonello has revised its range of laser machines for greater speed and efficiency. By delivering more productivity, speed and precision, the streamlined machines (about a third smaller than its existing lasers) meet market needs for continuous production and speed to market, he said. declared.

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