Winders market supply and demand with size (value and volume) by 2030



Winder Market: Presentation

Machines used to wind coils for transformers, motors, chokes and inductors are defined as winders. Designed for use with equal sized motor or concentric winding shafts, it is used to wind both three phase motor and single phase motor coil. Electric winders are particularly used for winding passive components which resist current variations. These machines are used in armature cores, field cores, electric motors, generators, coils, among others. Winding machines find important application in the automotive industry, the growth of the automotive industry is expected to create significant opportunities for the market.

Types of winders include manual and automatic machines. Automatic winders are designed to wind, cut, wind and feed with multi-coil winding, while manual hand winders should create evenly wound spools. For the control of the spindle and the axes, the automatics are also equipped with AC servomotors. Due to the number of applications as well as the demand from end-use industries, the global winding machine market is expected to experience moderate growth during the forecast years.

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Winder Market: Dynamic

Various industry verticals around the world including electrical and electronics, automotive have created a significant demand for winders due to the demands of uses such as wire winding, wiring and welding, etc. The strong increase in the demand of these industries in the world is expected to further add in the growth of the winders market. With technologies such as 3D printing and advancements in materials as well as advancements in textiles, the growing demand for wearable devices is expected to drive the growth of the winder market.

The high initial cost of the machines is the factor that may hamper the growth of the market in the years to come.

Multi-speed machines of different types and categories are designed by manufacturers to perform a range of functions in various industrial sectors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global economy at different levels, no industrial sector has been spared. As a result, a substantial slowdown in manufacturing in the first six months of 2020 has been observed as it ripples across all industries. For the remainder of the year, the outlook remains uncertain as the extent of the pandemic and its effects on production, demand and supply chains are expected to hamper the overall growth of the global winder market.

Winder Market: segmentation

The global winding machine market can be segmented on the basis of machine type, operation, spindle number, end use, and service level.

On the basis of machine type, the global winder market is segmented as follows:

  • CNC linear / toroidal winders
  • Armature winders
  • Transformer winders

On the basis of operation, the global winding machine market is segmented as follows:

  • Manual winder
  • Semi-automatic winder
  • Automatic winder

On the basis of the number of spindles, the global winding machine market is segmented as follows:

  • Single spindle
  • Multi-spindle

On the basis of end use, the global winding machine market is segmented as follows:

  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Textile
  • Building
  • Others

On the basis of service level, the global winding machine market is segmented as follows:

  • Light duty
  • Average service
  • foolproof

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Winder Market: Regional perspectives

In Asia-Pacific, significant growth in electronics industry countries such as China and India is expected to create significant opportunities for the growth of the winding machine market in the coming years. The increased production of electric vehicles along with the growth of the automotive industry is expected to create significant growth opportunities in North America and Europe. Latin America, Middle East, and Africa are expected to experience moderate growth in the global winding machine market during the forecast years.

Winders market: main participants

Some of the major market players in the global Winding Machines market, identified throughout the value chain include:

  • Synthesis India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ACME Mechatronics, Inc.
  • Broom field
  • Bachi Company
  • Nittoku Engineering
  • Métar machines
  • STO Group
  • BR Technologies
  • White-footed machines
  • Bestec Co., Ltd.
  • BMP & Equipment
  • Gorman Machine Corp
  • Micro Tool & Machine Ltd.
  • WELLYANG electronic technology
  • Pots Machines
  • Brilliant Sun Company
  • Jinkang precision mechanism
  • Zhuhai Ascend Technology

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